5 things you learn when travelling with your friends

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I want to have something new on my blog so here are the 5 things you learn when travelling with your friends. 

1. You'll know what person they are when deciding on what to do, where to go and where to eat. Some of them does'nt want to have a long walk and some wants adventure. And I'm very happy that everyone is ready to go on whatever someone suggests to do when we went in Intramuros, Manila. 

2. You'll understand every opinion and every reason they say. The "where to eat problem" because of the "unexpected" rain our plan to eat at J's (Unli Rice) was cancelled. At first we dont know where to eat and what to eat, Whether its pasta , pizza, rice or chicken. After few minutes of searching we all decided to have chicken as our lunch.

3. You have to be patient. (My bad :D hahaha) Our call time was 8:30am but because of another "unexpected" problem I came late. And I'm very thankful to have these set of friends who understand my situation and patiently wait for me. (Iloveyou friends)

4. You can be whatever you are. Be funny, Be lazy, Be corny and be what you are. You'll know how they react on things you do and say, And how they will accept you :)

5, As always its happy to travel with your friends. I hope that we will graduate and travel the world together. 

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