Vikings Buffet : MOA

by - 5:53 AM

Before heading to vikings make sure to booked a reservation. Last wednesday we went to vikings for lunch as a walk in costumers. But we decided to booked for next wednesday instead of having lunch that day because we have to wait until 11:30am - 12pm  for the table. Good news! No reservation fee :) You just have to come as early as 11am. Uggh!  All I can say is super enjoy and worth it. Will be back soooooooon. :) 

Adult: (per person)
Weekday lunch – 688 plus 5% service charge
Weekday dinner – 888 plus 5% service charge 
Weekend lunch and dinner and holiday – 1088 plus 5% service charge
TAKE NOTE: NO LEFT OVER. Every 100grams leftover additional 100peso fee.
Please visit Vikings website for more info

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