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Its been a long time since the last time I updated my blog. I've been super busy doing school works and our research a.k.a thesis. This semester is really a big storm and FINALLY ITS OVER!!! And with all the stress that I've got these past months I think I really deserve a BREAK.

 Its our first time in Boracay, well actually my/our first time in everything we've done for this trip. Our (my boyfriend & mom) first plane ride, our first time travelling together outside Luzon and "my" first time arranging our tour, booking our flight and booking our accommodation. Thanks to my royal kites travel and tours family, this is the result of what I've learned from my OJT last summer. Honestly, this is a spontaneous trip, we were shock when my boyfriend's mom ask if we want to go to El Nido as her gift to us for being a scholar/dean's list for the past 2 semester & my boyfriend for always being on top in his school. We've check flights going to Puerto Princesa because theirs no direct flight to El Nido but the fares are too pricey because its peak season so we've decided to go to Boracay instead. (thanks to his mom for sponsoring our plane tickets and our hotel accommodation and my mom for financing also our food and activities in Boracay) We've booked our ticket last week of January and thankfully there's a promo fare so we got it on a cheaper price and luckily after months of searching we've found a budget beach front hotel for our trip.

We've already bought our land & boat transfers from Cebu Pacific from their partner agency which is "southwest tours boracay". When we arrived in Kalibo we headed straight to the bus and wait for a couple of minutes until the bus left the airport. The travel time from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port was about 2 hours and the southwest tours has already an express lane at the port so we don't have to fall in line and wait because the package was all in including the environmental fee and others. Then from Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay using speed boat took us about less than 8 minutes. We went to our hotel by their shuttle service and at the main road their's a southwest staff waiting for us and assist us on our way to the hotel. The price of their land and boat transfer is 650 pesos per pax not bad.

On our way back to Manila we took a tricycle going to Caticlan Jetty Port for only 50 pesos per pax then we book our boat transfer and van transfer from Caticlan to Kalibo for 350 pesos including the terminal fee at the port. All in all we spent 400 pesos per pax. From 650 pesos that we spent going to boracay via southwest we've saved 250 pesos (per pax) for our land and boat transfers. BUT!! its okay because it's our first time and Southwest Tours was really a big help for a hassle free travel.

Click the link below for our Boracay Day 1 Travel Vlog :) 

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