Taytay Falls, Majayjay Laguna

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Another semester end and its almost S-U-M-M-E-R time! Where do you plan to go this summer? Well, Philippines offer many beautiful places to explore & discover. Aside from beach, resorts, museum and more.. Why not try something new? Falls is the key to adventure seekers and nature lover. It also has budget friendly fee.



Entrance Fee - 20.00 pesos
Tent good for 4 pax - 200.00 pesos
Tent good for 8-10 pax - 350.00 pesos

After reaching majayjay town, You'll be paying the entrance fee at the barangay hall of gagalot which is budget-friendly though the rest rooms there is quite pricey (ihi - 5 pesos, bihis - 5 pesos ligo - 10 pesos *** - 10 pesos /per use) LOL! After paying at the barangay hall we've started trekking down to Taytay falls and it took us around 10-15 minutes to reach the site. Don’t worry you'll enjoy the scenery and breath fresh air as you pass by since it is surrounded by trees.


Everyone was excited to enjoy the falls but.. WARNING!! The water is COLD, no, it's VERY COLD, or should I say VERY-VERY-VERY COLD. Remember the ice bucket challenge?  YES, it was freezing cold like you’re in a big refrigerator. We are brave enough to take pictures underwater because WHY NOT? The water is so CLEAR and CLEAN. 

But make sure to value everything around you. 

Contact: VAN FOR RENT 0927-1365-900
& look for Ram Mendoza for transportation.

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