BORACAY TOILET: Not your ordinary toilet

by - 3:57 AM


Imagine yourself eating in a toilet bowl? LOL! A must try in Boracay. It is located in Balabag Plaza, Station 1, Boracay Philippines.

The tables here are like glasses on top of the bath tubs while the chairs are real toilet bowls with different designs and colorful seat covers. The menu is also in a shape of a toilet bowl and the names of the menu are crazy like inihaw na liem - POOP , kare-kaDIRE, PEE stek tagalog and more! 


While waiting for the food to be serve the waiter suggest that we can play and take pictures in their photo area where big toilet bowl is located and the washing area are the urinal for boys.


We ordered a bowl of steamed rice good for 3 pax (100 pesos) KareKaDIRE (380 pesos) and Crispy Sh*T (199 pesos) and Iced Tea for our beverage (60 pesos)

 I taught I'll not be satisfied with the food because it is placed in a toilet bowl but don't worry because once you taste their food you'll forget that you're eating in a toilet :D  The iced tea was served in boracay toilet urinal, the food was served in a tiny toilet  and your plate is a toilet bowl shaped. Trust me, the foods are super yummy. I would give it a 110%!

They also have souvenir where you can buy their merchandise.

Open Hours:
11:00am to 2:00pm
5:00pm to 10:00pm

Best Day in Boracay!

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