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Summer season is over and the rain starts to fall but it doesn't mean that gala is over!! LOL. Time flies so fast, I cant believe that its already June and I cant accept the fact that rainy season can ruin my travel plans so we've search for places to visit even though its raining and ta daaaaaa.. UPSIDE DOWN MUSEUM is the answer! Honestly, I already know this place last year pa when we were searching for our topic in our thesis then this year it went viral on facebook so why not check it out, right?

Upside Down Museum is located at Boom Na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City. It’s across World Trade Center, behind Wensha Spa and Star City. It is closed every MONDAY.

Entrance Fee: 450 pesos per head
Senior and PWD's have 25% discount, 330 pesos per head
Kids below 3 years old and birthday celebrants get in for free.
Upside down plus starcity is 580 pesos per head

We wanted to get the upside down museum plus star city promo because you will just add 130 pesos per head you can have 2 attraction but its raining hard so we didn't push through our star city date. Anyways, We thought that we will just spend 1 hour here but we were wrong! We spent almost 2 hours and half just taking LOT of photos. Its so tiring but it is worth it!!! 


1. Do a research before going here, Think of the poses! You can also check out the monitors for inspiration.
2. Wear a comfortable clothes! Avoid wearing skirt.
3. Bring your camera and charge it. If you have extra batteries or power bank bring it because trust me, you will take LOT of pictures.
4. Eat first before going here but they have a Korean Restaurant/Cafe.
5. Enjoy and don't be KJ! :D

What to expect:
1. A marshal is assigned in each place to assist you and take photos of you.
2. It is super near, just beside star city so you don't need to travel far.
3. Its not that big but 450 pesos is sulit.
4. You will be tired but it is worth it!!
5. They just have a small cafe that sells ramen and drinks. 

Here's a short preview and vlog of Upside Down Museum:

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