Jong Lo Korean Restaurant

by - 9:02 AM

Korea is one of the dream destination of everyone. These days filipinos are avid fan of KDrama and Kpop, those are just few reason why almost everyone wants to visit Korea. This country is open for tourist but for Filipinos you need to apply for Tourist Visa and that would take sometime and if you're still saving for your travel needs, you don't need to worry because Philippines have a Korean Restaurants that offers variety of Korean Food and let dress up yourselves with hanbook (a traditional attires that worn by Koreans)

Jong Lo Korean Restaurant is the Korean restaurant I'm talking about and it is located in Malate, Manila just two blocks away from Robinson's Manila.  The restaurant is establish since 2002 and it is open 24/7. Jong Lo is not that big but it has 2 floors and the traditional dresses is located at the second floor. Hanbook is FREE to use if you consumed 350 pesos per head, in our case 350 times six persons. Don't worry because you're free to choose what do you want to order just make sure that your total bill is equivalent to 350 per person.

The food is good and they have big servings! I'll rate it 9/10 for my overall experience!

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