Tips: Pinto Art Museum

by - 4:52 AM

Planning your trip to Pinto Art Museum? Here are some tips and I hope it would help! :)

Tip #1: If you're planning to come on a weekend make sure to arrive early.
In our case, we went there on a family day which is Sunday and its a long week end. The crowd starts to arrive after lunch and we ended up with a lot of people, We even encounter a long line on the entrance.

Tip #2: Wear a comfortable clothes.
I know that its very "instagram-worthy" place and you have to dress up well but you'll be walking around a huge museum and you'll climb stairs.

Tip #3: Bring water
Visiting all the art galleries can be exhausting and hot as well so make sure to bring water.

Tip #4: Dont forget to charge and bring your camera
Everything was instagram worthy!! We've been there for almost 3 hours yet I'm not satisfied with the pictures that I took and I also forgot to charge my camera. Another reason to come back! :D 
*They also offer photo shoot ranging 7,500 and up.*

Tip #5: Enjoy the place!
Life without art is useless.

Antipolo, Rizal
Contact Number: (02) 697-1015
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Entrance Ticket Rates:

Regular: 200 pesos
Students with ID: 100 pesos
3 years old below: FREE

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