We got lost in Tanay Rizal

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Rizal province has a lot of falls and one of the majestic falls is Daranak Falls located in Tanay but before the detail information here's a story of our grand turismo drive to Daranak Falls. Yes, we got lost in tanay :D We used our bestfriend waze to go here and it says that we will reach our destination in less than 2 hours but unfortunately my very good boyfriend doesn't follow the way the waze gave us and took another way. Sometimes I am really not sure if its okay to get lost. LOL! If you are familiar with Grand Turismo game in play station the hardest route in that game is the route we encounter in 9D or virtual ultra mega reality.  At first, its fun and I am amaze with the things around me; the breathtaking view, the fresh air & I think  that time we were at the highest peak of the mountain because we were ableto experience the sea of clouds when we look at our windows. Its like I forgot that we've got a thesis to pass as soon as possible. As time goes by, I realize why were still in the mountains and its like forever before we reach our destination. Its a good route though theirs no car (literally, we were the only car that time) no hassle, no air pollution, no stoplights, no traffic sabi nga nila "Difficult roads often lead us to beautiful destinations"

Monday - Sunday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
What to bring:
bottled water
extra clothes
towel and toiletries
camera :)
Foods and drinks are allowed but all alcoholic beverages are not allowed. 
Entrance fee is 50 pesos for adults and kids

The salbabida is for rent for only 50 pesos. You need it if you're not a good swimmer like me. There are parts of the falls which is 30 ft deep.

Other places to visit in Tanay:

 -  Mt. Daraitan & Tinipak River
-  Regina RICA Pilgrimage Site
-  Parola
-  Pililla Wind Farm
-  Tanay Church

We were able to visit Regina Rica Pilgrimage Site and Pililla Wind Farm.

Watch in HD :)

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