5 reasons to be happy x Lobo Beach, Batangas

by - 8:40 PM

1. You have new opportunity to be better than yesterday.
God gave us another life; Live life to the fullest, We have another day to change our lives, Another day to correct our mistakes and to thank God for what we have.
2. Notice and appreciate details.
Appreciate life. Be thankful for everything! Some people don’t have clothes (but you do; actually you have more than what you need), some seeks for a good shelter (and you have a real home with people you love in it) and others beg for food (and you can afford daily meal) Always remember that we are blessed that we have what we need or even what we want so there’s no reason to rant.
3. You have great friends.
You have someone lean on whenever you have problems, someone who will hug you and says “everything’s going to be alright” and someone who love us unconditionally.
4. You can make other people happy.
It's a small thing that will make your day better. One of the best things in life is to make other peopl happy. 
5.Stand on your own.
Avoid negative vibes. Don't let negativity ruin your day or even your life. Every day is a opportunity to start being who you really are, Stop caring about other people say and express yourself to the world. After all why dont we see the world as one big joke and try to laugh at it? Its not worth it to take life "too" seriously.

 Featuring the stone soltitude of Punta Malabrigo Beach in Lobo, Batangas. They say that "when God showered batangas with fine sand, Malabrigo was stoned" Its a great place for travelers who wants something new in batangas. Although its far and will take you about 2-3 hours travel (from cavite) malabrigo is worth the long travel. :)

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